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One of the great things about the development of the online poker industry is that players can now choose from a huge variety of online poker games whereas historically only games like Texas Hold'em were offered at most sites.  With the majority of players from around the world branching out to learn new games, it becomes increasingly important as a player to develop a well rounded knowledge of the different games in the market.  This section covers a number of the most popular variations of poker and provides different guides that give an overview of each game and how to play each game listed.  Using this section, you can learn to play different poker games and diversify your skills to improve your knowledge of different Internet poker games.

Online Poker Games

Below you will find the sections we've published on online poker games, each entry includes a brief introduction to the game and a link to further information such as game history and rules.

Texas Holdem
The legend of Texas Hold ‘em poker tells that the game was first played in its earliest form in the very early 1900s in the vicinity of a town in Texas called Robstown. The game later migrated to Dallas, Texas in 1925. The first rounders roamed Texas in the 1940s making a living playing poker and improving their game.

Omaha Poker
The exact origins of Omaha poker are not clear, as are the legends of many poker games. Some primitive form of Omaha was most likely played in the floating casinos of Mississippi River riverboats back in the early 1800s. It was on these boats that the earliest US gamblers experimented with new forms of poker that would ultimately become known as Omaha Poker.

Omaha Hi/Lo
Omaha Hi/Lo is a more complicated version of Omaha poker. It takes the game of Omaha and doubles the complexity, requiring a player to divide his thought process between both the high and low of his hand. It takes a bright mind to grasp all aspects of Omaha Hi/Lo at the same time.

7 Card Stud
Behind every variation of poker is a history full of myths and half-truths; thus the most common belief surrounding the origination of Stud Poker is that it initially surfaced in the US during the American Civil War in the early 1860s. Legend has it that Stud Poker, or Stud-Horse as it was called, was originated by western cowboys in Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois.

Stud Eights or Better
Seven Card Stud Eights or Better is a poker game with many different names for the same game. It is sometimes called “Seven Eight Poker,” “Stud Eight,” “High-Low Split Stud,” or “7 Card Stud Hi/Lo.” A good place to start practicing Eights or Better strategy is by learning to quickly observe and analyze your opponents’ cards showing on the table, even the ones that get folded. Because the initial action moves fast, you’ll have to be paying attention.

5 Card Draw
The history behind 5 Card Draw is a colourful story. Traces of the game date back to the middle ages and to the days of the Wild West. The original lineage of poker has roots in Asia and Europe, but sailors brought it over the Atlantic Ocean to Louisiana in the 1800s. This game has seen many tables and many players over the last 200 years, playing an important role in the development of poker as we know it today.

Razz Poker
Poker players often refer to Razz Poker as the most frustrating poker game you can find, although players who are cursed by repeat bad beats may like the game of Razz, in which the worst hand always wins. It was first brought to the poker circuit as a variant in the 1973 WSOP.

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