Poker Strategy

Educating yourself and practicing your poker strategy is an important aspect of any successful poker players game and as we are sure you know poker is a game that's easy to learn and very difficult to master.  Since there are so many variables in a game of poker - the cards, your opponents, odds, mood, chip size, etc - the game tends to be extremely volatile and learning the best strategies for playing is essential in developing a well rounded and logical game.  In this section of our site, we provide a series of online poker strategy articles to our visitors to help them improve their game.  This section is updated quite frequently as we add new pieces to our site and over time we hope to cover all of the major strategy topics through this section.

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Recent Strategy Articles

Five Beginner Mistakes
When starting out in poker, players make mistakes almost every hand. Although the mistake may not seem to have cost them much money, making several mistakes in a session of poker can cost the player several big blinds at there chosen level, costing them a lot of valuable chips.

Multi Table Tournament Tips
Multi-Table Tournaments, commonly known as MTT, are the most popular form of poker tourneys. Hundreds of thousands of players try their luck in tournaments everyday but many walk away disappointed.  Use these tips to gain an advantage when playing MTT tournaments.

Table Selection
Many cash game players make their first mistake before they have even sat down at a table. Table selection is an integral part of ring games and a factor many players overlook. Why would you want to sit at a table full of sharks when you can find a table filled with fish? Simply answer is you wouldn’t and hopefully this article will show you how to find the right table.

Playing Big Wired Pairs
It’s always an outstanding feeling to glance at your pocket cards and uncover paint - a wired pair of aces, kings, or queens. These three combinations are the top starting cards in the game. They’re huge front-runners to lower pairs, and even larger favourites to the top drawing hands in the game. When you see these wired pairs, be prepared to seize some chips.

Sit N Go Beginning Stages
Online poker seems to be a haven for all the ultra-aggressive players the world over. When playing online poker games of nearly any limit – although, admittedly more so in the lower limit cash games – you'll find that players play extremely quickly, extremely aggressively, and, for the most part, extremely stupidly.

Sit N Go Middle Stages
In the middle stages of a Sit n Go tournament, blinds begin to increase substantially in value, so it becomes crucial for players to bring in as many chips as possible. By this time, most of the ultra-aggressive players have probably dropped out, and you may be down to the last ten players or so, depending on the size of the overall tournament.

Choosing The Best Online Poker Room
Online poker rooms come a dime a dozen. With so many options out there, online poker rooms could readily be compared to a downtown Chinese buffet; you have a ton of choices, but you don't necessarily want to pick the dish that's going to give you food poisoning after eating.

Building Your Online Poker Bankroll 
Building an online poker bankroll can often be a difficult task. In order to play effectively, you want to have enough money so that one string of bad cards won't ruin your bankroll. Therefore, you always want to have a considerably higher bankroll than the largest blind of the game you're playing, most experts will say that one should have at least 200-300x the blind.

Rebuy Tournament Strategy
Rebuy tournaments have become increasingly popular, and most online poker sites now offer them. Usually in a rebuy tournament you are allowed to rebuy until the first break, so normally for the first hour.  Some poker sites will limit how many times you are allowed to rebuy, while others will allow unlimited rebuys.

Single Table Sit N Go Strategy
Single table Sit and Go?s are normally referred to as STT?s, and are just like playing a final table except everyone begins with the same amount of chips. They are the perfect game choice for busy people who cannot dedicate hours of their day playing MTT's (multi-table tournaments).

Live Poker Etiquette
As you might see in online poker, many players will use the chat box to criticise other players, but in live poker criticising other players shows an utter lack of respect. This article offers you some help if you are going to a casino or playing live poker for the first time.

What Is A Poker Tournament?
Poker tournaments have become hugely popular in the poker world, both online and offline. The World Series of Poker has become the most prestigious poker tournament in the world, but has come a long way since its beginnings. In the first ever WSOP, in 1970, a player called Johnny Moss won the event which only had 7 entrants.

Pot Limit Omaha Tips
Pot Limit Omaha has attracted thousands of new players in recent times, and is now most of the Full Tilt Poker players? game of choice. Their reason for their switch to Omaha was that the Texas Hold?em games were becoming too difficult to make money playing.

Winning Big Tournaments
Nowadays if you want to be a successful tournament poker player, you have to overcome huge fields to take down the prize. A great example of this is the PokerStars Sunday Million which attracts around 8,000 players every week.

180 Player Sit N Go's
180-player sit and go's are extremely popular, and many good tournament players earn lots of cash playing them. Of course like every type of sit and go, you must adopt a strategy and stick to it when playing the tournament. In this article we will outline how you should approach these sit and go tournaments.

45 Player Sit N Go's
Almost all online poker rooms now offer 45-person sit and go tournaments. The most popular room being PokerStars because the seats fill much quicker than anywhere else and players get bored waiting for sit and go's to fill.

Multi-Tabling In Poker
Unlike in live poker where you can only play at one table at a time, online poker gives you the ability to play lots of tables, even more than 30 at a time! In this article we will focus on why every online poker player should take advantage of multi-tabling and be on their way to winning much more money.

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