Live Poker Etiquette

StrategyAs you might see in online poker, many players will use the chat box to criticise other players, but in live poker criticising other players shows an utter lack of respect. This article offers you some help if you are going to a casino or playing live poker for the first time. Online and live poker is very different therefore you should be aware of the mistakes many first time live players make. Use the tips below and you will earn the respect of your fellow players at the poker table.

  • Keep all your chips in plain view of the dealer and your other players. Putting your arms around or over your chip stack can lead to your opponents getting suspicious which is something you will want to avoid if you want to gain respect at the poker tables.
  • Keep your cards in front of you at all times. A lot of players have bad habits and show their friends on the rails their cards, or they will hold their cards against their shirts, this is poor etiquette. To avoid this simply look at your cards then put them down again and make your check, bet or fold.
  • Do not pass your cards out of turn. If you do this at the poker table you can be certain they will confront you about it and get quite mad. You passing your cards before it is your turn give other opponents an advantage because they know your intention is to fold. Instead, sit normally and wait until it is your turn, then fold.
  • Respect the dealer. Many players will give the dealer abuse if the cards do not go their way and they lose, but this could find you thrown out of a casino. A dealer is simply doing their job and should be respected, not abused. It's not their fault you are losing!
  • Show one, show all. If you decide to show an opponent seated next to you what a good hand you had, you must show everyone else. Therefore the saying is ?show one, show all.
  • Don't just throw your chips into the middle of the pot. This causes confusion for the dealer who has to count the chips and be sure you have bet the correct amount. Instead simply place your chips in front of you and state your intention of how much you are betting. - A fundamental rule in live poker is never to touch other players cards or chips. If you do this at the poker table you are certain of an angry reaction.
  • Do not encourage peoples decisions. In live poker a lot of players make comments such as, someone must have a flush, etc when the board looks bad, or all of one suit. Let the player in the hand decide for himself and play their own game. They could get angry at you if your decision influences their choice of play.
  • Help the dealer if needed. Dealers are only human and like everyone they make mistakes sometimes. If the wrong amount is bet by your opponent or the pot is awarded to the wrong person you should bring this to the dealer's attention.

These are simple etiquette guidelines but you would be very surprised at how some players act at the poker table. If you follow the above tips you should gain the respect of your fellow players while avoiding angry confrontations.

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