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Playing online poker from the United States can be a tricky task these days since the sheer number of US poker sites has dropped drastically in recent years.  While there are still a few quality poker rooms that accept US players, it's becoming increasingly difficult to find the sites that offer prompt payouts and high level games for Americans.  This page is dedicated to showcasing the various poker rooms still left in the US market and also provides a detailed overview of the current state of USA online poker.  Below you will find listings of the best rooms on our website that still take Americans and below you will see the featured US sites along with some information on US deposit methods and a summary of the UIGEA and its affect on players.

Logo Poker Room USA Bonus Code Sign-up Bonus Full Review
Aced Poker US Poker Site ACEDPK 150% up to $750 Aced Poker
Bovada Poker US Poker Site BOVADA 100$ up to $1,000 Bovada Poker
Carbon Poker US Poker Site 600PK 100$ up to $600 Carbon Poker
PDC Poker US Poker Site PDCPK 100% up to $600 PDC Poker

Featured Poker Rooms Accepting US Poker Players

Aced Poker - 150% Up To $750 Sign-Up Bonus

Aced Poker is one of the best poker rooms accepting US poker players because they are currently giving away a massive 150% bonus worth up to $750 in free poker money to all of their new players! This is a great opportunity to give your bankroll an instant boost, which will increase your chances of winning big!

Bovada Poker - 100% Up To $1,000 Sign-Up Bonus

Bovada Poker is a unique online poker room that only accepts USA players! So if you’re looking for a USA friendly online poker room, this is definitely the place for you! Right now, all new players are currently eligible to receive a 100% bonus worth up to $1,000 in free poker money after making an initial deposit!

Carbon Poker - 100% Up To $500 Sign-Up Bonus

Carbon Poker is our number one pick for American poker players looking for a great site to play at online.  For starters, Carbon offers some of the best software in the market along with huge freerolls and tournaments.  New players will also instantly gain access to their deposit bonus up to $500 free during sign-up.

PDC Poker - 100% Up To $600 Sign-Up Bonus

PDC Poker is one of the oldest and most trusted poker rooms accepting US poker players, which is why we never hesitate to recommend them to any of our website visitors. At the moment, PDC Poker is giving away a fantastic 100% bonus worth up to $600 in free poker money to all of their new players!

About The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA)

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA for short) is a piece of US legislation that was passed in 2006 aimed at setting out restrictions related to online gambling for citizens of the United States.  Below we'll take a look at some of the things this bill does and dispel some of the common myths associated with its passing which are popular in the poker community.

We've also published a full copy of the UIGEA in PDF format which can be viewed by visitors.

What Does The UIGEA Do Exactly?
The UIGEA sets out to restricts the way that US banks process transactions related to online gambling by stating that they must deny these type of transactions if they can identify them.  The major issue with this law is that online poker sites all use 3rd party processors to handle the financials of depositing and withdrawing players so actually separating gambling from non gambling transactions is something that US banks quite frankly haven't accomplished to date.

Nowhere in this legislation does the UIGEA state that online poker is illegal for US players.  This particular legislation only states that US banks are forbidden from processing gambling related transactions and does not make it a crime to play online poker from the U.S.A.  That being said, some individual states within the US have clarified their laws to make online poker illegal.  We have outlined those states below however most poker sites still accept their residents.

Which States Are Banned From Online Poker?
Presently the states of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington and Wisconsin have enhanced laws regarding playing poker online making them a misdemeanour offence in these areas.

Has Anyone Ever Been Arrested For Playing Online Poker?
No!  The US government is primarily concerned about the taxation of online poker and since it currently does not derive any revenue from the activity, it has decided to make it illegal for banks to process the transactions.  Even though gambling online in the states listed above is an offence, now one has ever been arrested or prosecuted for violation of this law as I am sure you can imagine it's almost impossible to enforce and even stupider to apply to players.

Why Did Some Sites Stop Taking US Players While Others Still Do?
This is quite a frequent question amongst US players especially since Party Poker used to be one of the biggest sites in the United States.  Basically what happened was when the UIGEA was passed certain sites started getting nervous that the US would put an outright ban on poker and took precautionary measures perhaps to abruptly to stop taking American customers.  You also have to keep in mind that sites like Party Poker are public companies who have a legal responsibility to their shareholders whereas sites like PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker are private companies who can make their own decisions in the best interest of the business.

Featured Room Listings

Carbon Poker
100% up to $600 Bonus
888 Poker
100% up to $400 Bonus
Party Poker
100% up to $600 Bonus
Bovada Poker
100% up to $1,000 Bonus
William Hill Poker
100% up to $1,200 Bonus
Titan Poker
100% up to $500 Bonus
Cake Poker
100% up to $600 Bonus
Aced Poker
150% up to $750 Bonus
100% up to $600 Bonus
PDC Poker
100% up to $600 Bonus
Full Tilt Poker
100% up to $600 Bonus
WPT Poker
100% up to $100 Bonus
Everest Poker
100% up to $200 Bonus
Gamebookers Poker
100% up to $100 Bonus
Euro Poker
100% up to $50 Bonus
Bodog Poker
110% up to $550 Bonus